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The laws and penalties for alcohol offenses keep changing and they are becoming more severe.  Every situation is different and prior offenses play a big part in the potential penalties you may face.  Contact the office to schedule a free initial consultation so that we may do a personalized analysis for you.
    When you are charged with this Traffic Misdemeanor the police are alleging that you drove with more than .08 alcohol in your blood.  If you have drugs, legal, prescribed or otherwise in your system, the charge is DUID (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs).

DUI-Driving Under the Influence
of Alcohol or Drugs
    If you are alleged to be driving with .04-.07 alcohol, you are presumed to been driving with your ability was impaired, even to the slighted degree.

DWAI-Driving While Ability Impaired by Alcohol or Drugs
    If your drivers license is revoked for an alcohol or drug offense and you are stopped for driving, while still revoked, the consequences can be more severe than the original DUI charge.

DUR-Driving Under Restraint
    If your drivers license is suspended for any reason other than for alcohol or drugs, then if you are stopped driving, you will be charged with Driving Under Suspension.  The consequences are not as severe as DUR, but can still result in jail time.
DUS-Driving Under Suspension
If you are charged with an alcohol offense and you are served with an Order of Suspension or you receive a letter telling you that based on the results of a chemical test your license is going to be suspended, go immediately to the DMV drivers license division and request an Administrative Hearing.  You only have 7 days to do this or you waive your right and your license will be suspended.  I always recommend that you request the police officer be subpoenaed to be present at the hearing.
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