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Many people wonder if filing a bankruptcy is the right choice for them.  Most of the time, the questions I hear is, "Do I have enough debt to qualify for bankruptcy?"  My answer, regardless of the amount of money you make or the balances of your debt is the same.  Is your ability to take care of your family's basic needs impacted by your monthly debt payments.  If you cannot put food on the table, it does not matter if your total debt is minimal. For more information on Bankruptcy click here.
The decision to start your own business is a big step.  It is important to understand the different business organizational structures to choose from, not only for liability purposes, but also to ensure appropriate tax planning. To learn more about business click here.
Civil law is a term used to describe a number of different areas of law. Essentially, if there is a dispute about money or property, it falls under the umbrella of Civil Law.
Examples are as follows:
  • Money Demands
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Contract Disputes
To learn more about Civil law click here.
Criminal charges are broken into several distinct categories.  The following are some general descriptions:
  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor
  • Traffic infractions/misdemeanors
The laws and penalties for alcohol offenses keep changing and they are becoming more severe.  Every situation is different and prior offenses play a big part in the potential penalties you may face.  Contact the office to schedule a free initial consultation so that we may do a personalized analysis for you. To learn more about Driving/DUI click here.
Divorce | Child Support | Spousal Maintenance | Parenting Time | Visitation/Custody | Adoption
Legal Trusts | Probate | Wills | Estate Planning | Guardianship
To learn more about Family Law click here.
To learn more about Wills & Trust click here.