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If you are charged with an alcohol offense and you are served with an Order of Suspension or you receive a letter telling you that based on the results of a chemical test your license is going to be suspended, go immediately to the _____________________________ and request an Administrative Hearing.  You only have 7 days to do this or you waive your right and your license will be suspended.  I always recommend that you request the police officer be subpoenaed to be present at the hearing.
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Question 1.
1. What is _____________               ?

2. What is the Bankruptcy _______                  ?

3. Is the Bankruptcy Court a                            or Federal Court?

4.                        can file bankruptcy?

5. What are the different "                             " in bankruptcy?
What Angela Says is the 5 most common questions about Bankruptcy
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The Court House
The DMV drivers license division
The Police Department down town
The Police Department that issued the DUI
The District Court's website/DUI division
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